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Recruiting Process

Connecting Top Talent with Top Employers

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5 Step Process to Finding Top Talent

Step 1: Define Search Criteria


Step 2: Initiate Candidate Search


Step 3: Qualify Potential Candidates


Step 4: Client Selection of Top Talent


Step 5: Candidate Acceptance/Transition

Our Recruiting process is very detailed and thorough. Ideally we prefer to discuss the Career Goals and Career Plans with each candidate without having a job description or company on the table of conversation. We want to make sure the companies we are recruiting for and the opportunities they provide are in-line with our candidates career goals and plans. 


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Step 1:
Define Search Criteria

This the most important step of our entire process. In order to accurately find the right candidate we need to have a detailed understanding of the job description and job duties along with company and departmental culture. 

Step 2:
Initiate Candidate Search

To find Top Talent we can not just rely on using internet sources; but utilizing our network to find qualified professionals who are passively seeking new opportunities. We use this step to screen our candidates to see if their career goals & plans are in line with the opportunity. 

Step 3:
Qualify Potential Candidates

Once we have spoken to all potential candidates, we conduct interviews to determine which candidates qualify to interview with our client. 

Step 4:
Client Selection of Candidate

Client interview process is determined by each client. 

Step 5:
Facilitate Candidate Transition

We can help with any unanswered questions about the offer and also with the transition process.