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We offer the following types of services for our Candidates:

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Helping Professionals Achieve their Next Level of Potential

  • Notification of Possible Future Opportunities 
  • Confidential Marketing of Your Resume 
  • Resume Critiquing and Improvement Advise 
  • Interview Preparation 
  • Relocation Assistance 
  • Networking and Industry Knowledge 

Resume Writing Tips

Job Interviewing Tips

Career Decisions

Code of Ethics

Sage Recruiting LLC bills its clients (companies) for its services so all services for candidates are free in order to ensure an ethical standard to our clients. 

Notification of Possible Future Opportunities

It is important for today’s professionals to know when opportunities arise in line with their career goals and plans. By meeting with one of our recruiters and discussing your career goals we can notify you when an opportunity presents itself. 

Confidential Marketing of your Resume

Our firm has the ability to market your resume and keep your personal and current employer information confidential. This is a great way for professionals in high demand to see their market potential. 

Resume Critiquing and Improvement Advise

Having a recruiter review your resume helps with ensuring that you have included your value added experience in your resume. When working with a candidate who is going to be submitted to an open job requirement, our recruiters can help with highlighting the experience the candidate has in line with the job order. 

Interview Preparation

We will help you prepare for your interview. We can perform mock interviews to help you sharpen your interview skills and give you pointers on how to answer typical interview questions. 

Relocation Assistance

We have relationships with realtors in Texas and we are always networking with realtors in other states as our client base grows. We also have informative on-line relocation information on our resources page. 

Networking and Industry Knowledge

In order to be a good career advisor our recruiters must know the industry better than our competition. Our recruiters strive to build long lasting relationships with each of our candidates and clients; to not only help with finding the right professional of today, but to know the right professionals of tomorrow.


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Don’t stop looking for new opportunities. We can help you keep your ear to the ground and let you know when a great opportunity presents itself.

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How to Help Us Help You

Remember as the candidate you hold all the keys. Our recruiters can only show you which door(s) your experience can unlock. Letting your recruiter know everything about your experience (good and bad) will ensure a good working relationship. Also, in our experience if you are upfront with bad information, in most cases, it will be dismissed and not damaging to the interview process.